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New Maxim MAX17783C

On September 24th 2020, Maxim Integrated officially released  the MA17783C for mass production - a 4.5V to 60V, 2.5A, High Efficiency, Step-Down DC-DC Converter

The MAX17783C is a new member of Himalaya family of switching DC-DC converters, offering simple and small size power supply solution with high efficiency. It is a high-voltage DC-DC step-down converter with integrated high-side MOSFET, operating over a wide input-voltage range of 4.5V to 60V. It delivers an output current up to 2.5A, and generates output voltages from 0.9V up to 90% of input voltage, featuring internal compensation.

The device uses peak current-mode control architecture. It operates in Low Iq mode at light loads to enable high efficiency. Further, the MAX17783C offers a low minimum on-time that allows high switching frequencies and smaller solution sizes. The feedback-voltage regulation accuracy is ±1.6% over -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range. The product is available in a compact 10-pin (3mm x 3mm) TDFN package.

Other features

  • Adjustable operating frequency (400 kHz to 2.2 MHz) with external clock synchronization
  • Hiccup-mode overload protection
  • Adjustable and Monotonic startup with prebiased output voltage
  • Built-in output voltage monitoring with RESET output
  • Programmable Enable/UVLO threshold
  • Overtemperature protection

Application areas

  • Industrial and Commercial Power Distribution
  • General Purpose Point-of-Load; Distributed Supply Regulation
  • Base-Station Power Supplies; Wall Transformer Regulation
  • High-Voltage, Single-Board Systems
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Audio Power Supplies
  • LED Displays

To evaluate the MAX17783C, customers can use the MAX17783C Evaluation Kit (OPN MAX17783CEVKITB#) providing 5V output at load current up to 2.5A from a 6.5V to 60V input supply. It allows the user to play with the main features (UVLO, adjustable soft-start, RESET, ext. synchronization), but also provides a good layout example, optimized for conducted, radiated EMI and thermal performance.

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