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New Maxim MAX16158

On January 27th 2020, Maxim Integrated officially released MAX16158 for mass production – a nanoPower, Tiny Supervisor with Manual Reset Input.

The new MAX16158 monitors a single system supply voltage and asserts a reset when this voltage falls below the reset threshold (400mV). The reset output remains asserted for the reset timeout period (500ms) after the VCC voltage rises above the factory-set VCC_TH + VHYS. The product also includes a manual reset input (MR) that is configured to assert a reset when it receives an active-low input signal.

The device is specified over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range. The MAX16158 is available in a tiny 0.73mm x 0.73mm x 0.5mm, 4-bump WLP.

Other key features :

  • 370nA Quiescent Current that Extends Battery Life
  • MR Debounce Circuitry

Additional options with different parameters (output polarity/type, reset threshold and timeout, manual reset configuration/polarity, SOT-23 or WLP package type) are also available (see selection guide).

Target application areas:

  • Chargers
  • e-Readers/Tablets
  • Portable/Battery-Powered Equipment
  • Smart Phones
  • Wearable/Portable Accessories
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