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New Maxim MAX15162

On the 19th of April 2020, Maxim Integrated officially released MAX15162 and MAX15162A for mass production – 8V to 60V Smart Dual 1.5A Circuit Breaker with Accurate Current Monitoring.

The devices feature constant power control during startup to keep the MOSFET operating under Safe Operating Area (SOA). They provide robust overcurrent protection with a programmable current-limit level, and an adjustable overcurrent shutdown delay for better immunity against system noises and load transient. The current monitoring pins provide a current sense accuracy of ±3% for each channel. In case of a short-circuit at the output, a fast current limit comparator turns off MOSFETs within 200ns to isolate the load from the input. During a fault condition, the MAX15162A enters auto-retry mode and the MAX15162 enters latch off mode. For both devices, the ALRT pin asserts a fault indication. The MAX15162/MAX15162A can be configured as two independent channels or two parallel channels for one common output.

The devices feature a number of protection features:

  • IN-to-OUT short-circuit protection
  • output short-circuit protection
  • startup watchdog timer
  • input undervoltage lockout
  • internal overtemperature protection

The MAX15162/MAX15162A are available in 2 package options: 24-pin, 4mm x 4mm TQFN package and 16-bump, 2mm x 2mm WLP package. Both options are rated over the -40°C to +105°C operation temperature range.

Target applications for the MAX15162/A

  • Communication
  • Industrial
  • Rasio Access Point System

For customer evaluation of MAX15162/A products, Maxim Integrated offers Evaluation Kits: MAX15162TAEVKIT for MAX15162A version with auto-reply and MAX15162TLEVKIT for MAX15162 version with latch function in a fault event. Both kits are equipped with MAX15162/A parts in TQFN package.

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