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New Maxim MAX14922

On July 31st 2020, Maxim Integrated officially released MAX14922 for mass production – a High-Side Switch Controller with Current Limiting.

The MAX14922 is a high-side, n-channel FET controller for implementing industrial high-side switches for switching ground-connected loads. It allows building a high-side switch with low RON operating at a +9V to +70V supply voltage range. 

The load current is limited to a user-defined value through a sense resistor. External FET overload protection is achieved using an auto-retry timing feature, as defined by a user-selected capacitor (CBLANK at tBLANK input) or optionally using an external timing control.

A fast inductive load turn-off can be achieved by using a high-voltage TVS diode enabling up to -70V (max) voltage clamping.

The MAX14922 features an on-chip comparator, enabling monitoring of the high-side switch output or the supply input voltage with a user-selected threshold. An integrated charge pump enables high speed switching rates when using low RON FETs in the 20kHz to 50kHz range.

The MAX14922 is available in a 3mm x 3mm, 16-TQFN package and specified over the -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range.

Typical application areas:

  • IIndustrial Digital Outputs
  • High-side Switches
  • Motor Holding Brakes
  • Relay and Solenoid Drivers

Customers can evaluate their gate drivers using the Evaluation Kits offered by Maxim Integrated. The Evaluation Kit includes two identical channels (devices) in order to demonstrate very tight part-to-part propagation delay matching.

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