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New Battery Simulation Test Solution by ITECH

BSS2000 & BSS2000 Pro software combined with ITECH's latest high-performance bidirectional DC power supply, IT6000B/IT6000C/IT-M3400/IT-M3600, covering a power range up to 1152kW, can provide users with a wide range simulation solution covering low-power battery module to high-power power battery system simulation.

The BSS2000 basic version, BSS2000 Pro version and BSS2000M Multi-channel version of the battery simulating software are products specifically designed for the above test scenarios. On the one hand, it will solve the problem of increasing cost of buying and storage of different types of batteries; On the other hand, the battery simulator can be quickly set to different State of Charge (SoC) without real charge and discharge process, greatly improve test efficiency.

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Other Features

  • Battery simulation range: 2250V / 1152kW
  • Supports multi-channel battery module status simulation *3
  • Bidirectional regenerative battery simulator, regenerative efficiency up to 95%
  • Seamless switching between battery charging and discharging mode
  • Supports user-defined battery characteristic curve import
  • Supports quick set up of battery characteristic curves by input common parameters
  • Supports .mat file import function *2
  • BMS protocol self-defined function, realize CAN bus communication with the external control unit 
  • Built-in various battery types (include LAB,Li-on,LMO, LNMCO, LNMCO&LMO,LFP,LTO and NiMH .)  *1
  • Battery protection parameter setting function
  • Battery output initial state of charge setting function
  • Ideal data report function
  • Battery curve preview and real-time curve display function
  • Flexible expansion by parallel for larger current/power simulation request
  • Supports up to 20 channels battery simulation *3
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*1 BSS2000 basic version software is used to simulate lead-acid and
lithium-ion batteries.

*2 BSS2000 Pro version and BSS2000M Multi-channel version
*3 BSS2000M 

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