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Maxim Integrated presents MAX6226

The MAX6226 is an ultra-low-noise, high-precision, low dropout voltage reference. It is a high-end member of voltage reference products family including MAX6079, MAX6279 and MAX6226. MAX6226 features curvature correction-circuitry and high-stability, laser-trimmed, thin-film resistors that result in 5ppm/°C (max) temperature coefficients and an excellent ±0.02% (max) initial accuracy. The proprietary low-noise reference architecture produces a low flicker noise of 1.45µVP-P and wideband noise as low as 75nV/vHz without the increased supply current usually found in low-noise references. Improve wideband noise to 45nV/vHz and AC power-supply rejection by adding a 0.1µF capacitor at the noise reduction pin. The MAX6226 series mode reference operates from a wide 2.7V to 12.6V supply voltage range and load-regulation specifications are guaranteed to be less than 0.25Ω and 0.05Ω for sink and source currents up to 10mA, respectively. These devices are available over the automotive temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. The MAX6226 typically draws 380µA of supply current and the output voltage is 2.5V. The MAX6226 also features dropout voltages as low as 200mV. Unlike conventional shunt-mode (two-terminal) references that waste supply current and require an external resistor, the MAX6226 offers supply current that is virtually independent of supply voltage and does not require an external resistor. The MAX6226 is stable with 0.1µF to 10µF of load capacitance, and is available in an 8-pin ceramic package.


Key features:

  • 8-pin Hermetically Sealed Ceramic Package to reduce system board space
  • Ultra-Low 1.45µVP-P Noise (0.1Hz to 10Hz, 2.5V Output)
  • Ultra-Low 5ppm/°C (Max) Temperature Coefficient
  • ±0.02% (Max) Initial Accuracy
  • Wide (VOUT + 200mV) to 12.6V Supply Voltage Range
  • Low 200mV (Max) Dropout Voltage
  • 380µA Quiescent Supply Current
  • 10mA Sink/Source-Current Capability
  • Stable with CLOAD = 0.1µF to 10µF
  • Low 8ppm/1000hr Long-Term Drift
  • 0.05O (Max) Load Regulation
  • 25µV/V (Max) Line Regulation
  • Force and Sense Outputs for Remote Sensing.


Target applications for MAX6226 include:

  • ATE Equipment
  • Digital Voltmeters
  • High-Accuracy Industrial and Process Control
  • High-Accuracy Reference Standard
  • High-Resolution A/D and D/A Converters
  • Precision Current Sources

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