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Maxim DeepCover Secure Arm Cortex-M3 Flash Microcontroller

The DeepCover Secure microcontroller (MAX32550) provides an interoperable, secure, and cost-effective solution to build new generations of trusted devices such as mobile chip and pin pads. The MAX32550 is based on an Arm Cortex M3 processor with 1MB of embedded flash, 256KB of system RAM, 8KB of battery-backed AES self-encrypted NVSRAM.

It includes all the essential functions of mobile POS terminal including a cryptographic engine, a true random number generator, battery-backed RTC, environmental and tamper detection circuitry, a magnetic stripe reader, a smart card controller with embedded transceiver to directly support 1.8V, 3.3V, and 5V cards, and an integrated secure keypad controller.

It also provides a seamless interface to TFT displays and includes a vast array of peripherals, SPIs, UARTs, DMA, ADC, and DAC that add flexibility to control and differentiate the system design.

Key Features

  • Arm® Cortex® M3 Processor Core Allows for Easy Integration into Applications
    • 108MHz Core Operating Frequency Through PLL
    • 1MB Dual-Bank Flash Memory with Cache
    • 256KB System SRAM
    • 8KB AES Self-Encrypted NVSRAM
  • Security Features Facilitate System-Level Protection
    • Secure Boot Loader with Public Key Authentication
    • AES, DES and SHA Hardware Accelerators
    • Modulo Arithmetic Hardware Accelerator (MAA)Supporting RSA, DSA, and ECDSA
    • 8-Line Secure Keypad Controller
    • Hardware True Random-Number Generator
    • Die Shield with Dynamic Fault Detection
    • 6 External Tamper Sensors with IndependentRandom Dynamic Patterns
    • 256-Bit Flip-Flop-Based Battery-Backup AES KeyStorage
    • Temperature and Voltage Tamper Monitor
    • Real-Time Clock
  • Integrated Peripherals Reduce External Component Count
    • Triple-Track Magnetic Stripe Head Interface
    • One ISO 7816 Smart Card Interface with IntegratedTransceiver (1.8V, 3V, and 5V)
    • USB 2.0 Device with Internal Transceiver andDedicated PLL
    • 3 SPI Ports, 2 UART Ports, and 1 I2C Controller
    • 6 Timers, 4 with PWM Capability
    • Up to 70 General-Purpose I/O Pins
    • 2-Channel, 10-Bit ADC and 1-Channel, 8-Bit DAC
    • Color/Monochrome LCD TFT Controller
    • 4-Channel DMA Controller
  • Power Management Optimizes Battery Life and Reduces Active Power Consumption
    • Single 3.3V Supply Operation*
    • Integrated Battery-Backup Switch
    • Clock Gating Function
    • Low-Current Battery-Backup Operation

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