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Keysight's RP7900 Series - Regenerative Power Supplies

The RP7900 Series is Keysight's all new regenerative power supply family, providing both sourcing and electrical loading up to 20 kW. A bidirectional supply is ideal for testing energy storage and converters. A regenerative power supply safely returns the energy to the grid eliminating additional costs to remove the excess heat and therefore avoid measurement errors caused by temperature rise.

The RP7900 devices are able to operate in voltage or current priority. Voltage priority allows positive and negative current limits, which allows the power supply to seamlessly change from sourcing to sinking current. This is especially important when testing energy storage systems.

RP7900 Series Datasheet [PDF]

Other Features

  • Operate in a two-quadrant mode as a power source and regenerative electronic load
  • Up to 2000 V, up to ±800 A, up to 20 kW per instrument
  • Fast output speed and sub-millisecond command processing time
  • Create up to 200 kW power or loading through easy parallel connection
  • Regeneration returns 90% of power to the grid, reducing cooling costs
  • RP7970 Series offers photovoltaic simulation capability
  • Connectivity includes LAN (LXI Core), USB, and GPIB
Download datasheet (PDF)


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