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EL30000 Series Bench Electronic Loads by Keysight

The Keysight EL30000 Series Bench electronic load with a built-in data logger provides new levels of test insights for your devices like power supplies, batteries, DC to DC converters, and more. View voltage and current trends to make real-time decisions, rather than waiting hours for a test to complete. At the heart of the EL30000 is a highly accurate measurement system that provides real-time updates to the large display. Keysight’s PathWave BenchVue software allows you to operate the electronic load remotely, execute test sequences, log data, and integrate with other test instruments. Single and dual-channel models are available with up to 600 W for measurements that require more power. Start your test with confidence and finish with results you trust.

Visualize Your Test Insights in Real Time

  • Test voltages up to 150 V
  • Sink current up to 60 or 120 A
  • Use operating modes: constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), constant resistance (CR), constant power (CP)
  • Display measurements, data logging, or scope view
  • Save data internally or to an external USB flash drive Improve load regulation with four-wire remote sense
  • Create dynamic load profiles with device's LIST function
  • Connect with USB, LAN (LXI Core), and optional GPIB

Download Datasheet [PDF]

Download Datasheet (PDF)

Quickly Test Your Power Sources

The EL30000 Series DC electronic loads characterize most devices without additional equipment. Make accurate voltage and current measurements on one or two inputs. Use the built-in data logger to characterize voltage, current, resistance, and power over time. Create a real-world dynamic load profile or a sudden transient and use the scope view feature to capture the response. For higher current and power measurements, combine the two inputs into a single channel — measure up to 120 A or 600 W. Save and transfer results with a USB flash drive, LAN, or optional GPIB interface.
Download Datasheet (PDF)


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