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Keysight launches modular electronic DC loads - N6791A / N6792A

Keysight Technologies Inc. complements its power product and solution portfolio with two new modular electronic DC loads. Both modules, rated 100 W and 200 W, are small, fast and flexible addressing a variety of markets: Power supply and power management (PMIC) testing, DC-DC and AC-DC converter testing, solar cell, battery and fuel cell testing as well as payload simulation for satellites or mobile applications.

The 1U high modules are an addition to the existing N6700C series mainframes. This allows to mount up to four load modules in the 1U high production mainframes of the N6700C family which saves precious rack space in production. Alternatively, the load modules can be built into the N6705C lab mainframe which allows the usage of outstanding capabilities such as arbitrary waveform sourcing and data logging of the N6705C. On top, the modules can be exchanged between lab unit and production unit, guaranteeing measurement consistency over your whole product life cycle.

Combining an electronic DC load module and an appropriate source module in the N6705C lab mainframe provides large flexibility in testing power products. The arbitrary waveform capability allows to apply dynamic custom scenarios to the load side of your device under test whereas the digitizing capability for both sources and loads allows to keep track of the power needs and efficiency of the device under test. Thanks to the internal synchronization of the data acquisition for voltage and current, there is no need to synchronize multiple instruments providing you with the highest confidence in the measurement results of your design.

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