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IT9121C/H Power Meter

With the increasing demand for power electronic products in various industries, test requirements are rapidly updated and improved. As a professional measurement instrument supplier, ITECH continuously researches and develops new products to meet the latest test requirements.

IT9121C/H Power Meter


Recently, ITECH has newly added the IT9121C (now up to 50A) and IT9121H (now up to 1000V) power meters to their IT9100 Power Meter Family.  With improved current and voltage test range, on the basis of the original model, ITECH provides suitable solutions for testing high-power devices (such as Induction-Heating cookers and Engines).

•    Electrical Engine Testing
•    Household Appliances power consumption
•    Inverter Efficiency Measurements
•    Power Industry

•    5mA - 50A current range
•    15V - 1000V voltage range
•    DC, 0.5Hz – 100KHz Bandwidth
•    ±0.1% high accuracy
•    Harmonic measurement
•    Waveform display function
•    MAX/MIN at a glance
•    Support VISA / USBTMC / SCPI communication Protocols
•    Standard with a variety of high-speed communication interfaces
•    Equipped with external current sensor input port

For 250V/15A Solutions you can use the IT-E185 power meter fixture, which gives you a Plug and Play capability. So you don’t have to cut your cable.
IT9121C/H Fixture schematic
The IT9121 series combined with the IT-E185 fixture gives you the fastest and easiest way to build your power measurement solution. Together with the waveform display function you can directly survey any fluctuation of your Device under Test. With those features you don’t need a scope for phase shift analysis and you have basically a plug and play power meter.

Measurement methods
By simply embedding the IT9100 Power Meter in you Power supply Chain you can get reliable Results about your power consumption, generated Harmonics and the occurring Phase shift.

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