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IT8900A/E High Power DC Electronic Load


The IT8900A/E series provides three voltage ranges 150V/600V/1200V, which can expand the power to 384kW by master-slave paralleling. With Ultra-high power density (6kW in only 4U height) faster loop response, current rising and falling speed.
IT8900A/E Voltage Ranges


In order to meet the test requirements of different DUTs, ITECH has been continuously improving various functions. The now launched IT8900A/E series has eight (A series) / four (E series) working modes: CC, CV, CR, CP, CC+CV*, CV+CR*, CR+CC*, CP+CC*.
*not available for E series
IT8900A/E Working Modes

Combined with the battery test function, short circuit test function, automatic test, dynamic test and other functions, The IT8900A/E can meet a lot of test setups, such as: power supply, battery, and various types of electronic components, improving your test efficiency.
The CR+CC mode is commonly used in test setups like voltage limiting, current limiting characteristics, constant voltage accuracy, and constant current accuracy of on-board chargers, which prevents over-current protection of those on-board chargers.



Factories and R&D centers with higher automation levels have higher requirements on remote control and software operation. The IT8900A/E series electronic load has built-in the following Interfaces by default: LAN, USB, RS232, CAN, GPIB, analog interface, and supports the SCPI protocol.

IT8900A/E Interfaces


The IT8900A/E series has a flexible power configuration and supports master-slave paralleling. The upgraded paralleling architecture makes the paralleled Loads more reliable and the communication more stable. In addition, the IT8900A/E series supports cabinet paralleling with more than 18 kW under different power levels at the same voltage. After paralleling, all known functions of a stand-alone Load can be used as well.
IT8900A/E Paralleling

Safety Features

In order to reduce the damage to your Device caused by false operation, the IT8900A series has upgraded the protection functionalities, in addition to providing OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP, the IT8900A has also build in current oscillation protection, soft start, soft stop, and other types protection. Due to that, the IT8900 Safety mechanisms are capable of reducing damage of your Device under Test to a minimum.
IT8900A/E Opp

Target Applications

The IT8900A/E series high performance, high power DC electronic load has a wide range of application areas, such as:

  • DC Charger
  • Car Charger
  • Fuse aging test
  • Battery Discharge test
  • Motor safety test
  • Virtual Load for natural Energy provider
    • Solar battery array
    • Wind power generation
  • Server Power test
  • High voltage UPS Test
  • AC/DC converter
  • and other fields.

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