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IT5100 Series Battery Internal Resistance Tester


At present, mainstream new energy vehicles require higher output power, higher motor drive efficiency, and lower energy consumption. The battery pack is moving toward 1000V and above. For example, Tesla's battery voltage is 400V, BYD Qin's battery voltage is 560V, and Tang's battery voltage is 700V.

The IT5101H series battery internal resistance tester meets the measurement requirement of power battery packs with:
• Voltage up to 1000V,
• Voltage resolution up to 10uV
• Resistance resolution up to 0. 1uΩ

The battery's internal resistance and voltage can be tested more accurately.

Target Application

• Lithium battery test
• Storage battery test
• 300V or higher voltage battery pack test
• etc.


• Voltage can be measured up to 1000V (IT5101H)
• Support VISA / USBTMC / SCPI communication Protocols
• Standard with a variety of high-speed communication interfaces

New measurement method

The test method is the same as that of the IT5101/E. Simply connecting the probe to the terminal of the battery pack to measure it.

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