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Hioki Memory HiCorder MR8740T

The Hioki MR8740T (MR8740-50) is rack-mountable data acquisition system that delivers high-speed, multi-channel measurements over maximum of 108 channels. Generate simulated signals and record at the same time using plug-and-play input units, making the waveform recorder ideal for evaluating multi-signal devices such as vehicle electronic control units (ECU).

Key Features:

  • Ideal for multipoint inspection of high performance boards such as ECU
  • 108ch analog to 96ch analog + 48ch logic input
  • Reduce time required to save to external media to max.1/100 compared with conventional method
  • 20 MS/s simultaneous sampling on all channels
  • Safe measurement with all analog inputs isolated
  • Supports 4K monitor to display multi-channel waveforms without overlapping
  • Measure 4 channels with 1 unit (4 ch analog Unit U8975, 4 ch DVM Unit U8991)
  • Generate constant voltage, constant current, and simulated resistance (VIR Generator Unit U8794)

Download Hioki MR8740T catalog [PDF]

Hioki MR8740T

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