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GW-Instek: AC/DC Sources Current Overview

AC Power Supply

The AC power supply APS-1102A is not only in the role as a precision AC/DC power source but also a powerful analyser, containing abundant features for the testing and characteristic analysis of power supplies, electronic devices, components and modules. Besides providing AC/DC power, APS-1102A also allows free programming of outputs for the simulation of a power source with abnormal variations. The instantaneous interruption, frequency sweeping, voltage sweeping, and arbitrary waveforms of power source can be easily generated in accordance with the test requirements. The output function includes two main modes, AC and AC + DC. Each mode can be combined with any of the four signal sources, internal (INT), external (EXT), internal + external (ADD), and synchronization, to give an ultimate flexibility of power source setting. APS-1102A includes a multi-functional and user-friendly software, which supports the remote control of panel operations, Sequence editing and execution, Arbitrary waveform editing and transfer, and Data logging via USB interface. With capacity of 1kVA power and weighting of 20 lbs, APS-1102A provides powerful test and analysis features all in a comparatively compact and light-weight box.

AC+DC Power Source

The NEW ASR-2000 series, an AC+DC power source aiming for system integration or desktop applications, provides both rated power output for AC output and rated power output for DC output. Nine ASR-2000 output modes are available, including:

  • AC power output mode (AC-INT Mode)
  • DC power output mode (DC-INT Mode)
  • AC/DC power output mode (AC+DC-INT Mode)
  • External AC signal source mode (AC-EXT Mode)
  • External AC/DC signal source mode (AC+DC-EXT Mode)
  • External AC signal superposition mode (AC-ADD Mode)
  • External AC/DC signal superposition mode (AC+DC-ADD Mode)
  • External AC signal synchronization mode (AC-SYNC Mode)
  • External AC/DC signal synchronization mode (AC+DC-SYNC Mode)

The ASR-2000 series provides users with waveform output capabilities to meet the test requirements of different electronic component development, automotive electrical devices and home appliance, including:

  • Sequence mode generates waveform fallings, surges, sags, changes and other abnormal power line conditions
  • Arbitrary waveform function allows users to store/upload user-defined waveforms
  • Simulate mode simulates power outage, voltage rise, voltage fall, and frequency variations

When the ASR-2000 series power source outputs, it can also measure Vrms, Vavg, Vpeak, Irms, Iavg, Ipeak, IpkH, P, S, Q, PF, CF, 40th-order Voltage Harmonic and Current Harmonic. In addition, the Remote sense function ensures accurate voltage output. The Customized Phase Angle for Output On/Off function can set the starting angle and ending angle of the voltage output according to the test requirements. V-Limit, Ipeak-Limit, F-Limit, OVP, OCP, OPP function settings can protect the DUT during the measurement process. In addition to OTP, OCP, and OPP protection, the ASR-2000 series also incorporates the Fan fail alarm function and AC fail alarm function.

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