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EXFO introduce the new Optical Xplorer OX1 5-star fiber optic testing

Optical Xplorer OX1 - Link Verification with Embedded Fault Tracking

New Category of Tester to take on the challenges ahead
Keeping up with the accelerating pace of fiber deployments implies a major transformation in the way testing is approached. Optical Xplorer™ has been designed from the ground up to tackle the challenges ahead and simplify testing. Optical Xplorer allows streamlined procedures that reduce delays and escalation costs on the field while freeing up expert technicians to focus on more relevant tasks. Optical Xplorer is the industry’s first optical fiber multimeter (OFM), a new purpose-built category of tools empowering frontline techs to effectively carry out installation, activation and repair operations.

5-star fiber optic testing accessible to all
Optical Xplorer goes beyond basic testing as compared to power meters and fault locators. It offers a brand new testing approach powered by multiple pending patents. Optical Xplorer determines overall link quality and tracks potential faults, this in turn helps to boost work efficiency and quality for frontline techs. Unlike traditional instruments in their toolbox, Optical Xplorer won’t leave field technicians blind to faults. Instead, Optical Xplorer introduces new capabilities that break boundaries to redefine the role of field technicians. Each technician gets more autonomy to solve issues, enabling a leaner troubleshooting process that doesn’t require several technicians with various skills.

Intelligently explore faults when verifying links
While displaying insertion loss (IL), optical return loss (ORL) as well as fiber length under a few seconds and in one single-ended process, Optical Xplorer also looks for potential faults. It won’t waste precious time on good links, but if a fault is suspected, Optical Xplorer will automatically explore further and diagnose the fault, if applicable.



Key features

  • Displays fiber length, loss and optical return loss (ORL) in under 3 seconds, with single-ended process
  • On-the-spot detection and location of common causes of failures using EXFO’s patented Fault Xplorer™
  • Intelligent device: no settings required—making it an essential multimeter for any frontline technician in their toolkit
  • Built-in power checker and light source
  • Patented EXFO Advisor™ 5-star rating scale: qualitative approach to assess fiber links
  • A Go-No Go tester for day-to-day installation and repair work
  • Save on cost of ownership: lifetime calibration, no factory returns thanks to EXFO patented Click-Out Optical Connector™
  • Rechargeable battery for over 10 hours of use on a single charge
  • 3-year warranty


Download Specification sheet of OX1 [PDF]


  • Any singlemode link up to 40 km (point-to-point)
  • FTTx service activation
  • FTTx last mile installation and repair, including in-service testing
  • Last mile/access network installation and repair
  • Fiber health check-up
  • Power level testing
  • Insertion loss and ORL testing
  • Fiber break location
  • Fault identification and location (splices, connectors, macrobends)

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