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ConnectorMax MPO Link Test Solution

Test now or put your network at risk

Multifiber push-on (MPO) connectors are increasingly popular because they provide many advantages to high-speed network operators, owners and installation companies. They are used to connect the fastest links that deliver the most sensitive of services and data to customers, enable high-speed interconnects and create redundancy.

Increasingly, telcos are also reconfiguring their central offices into data centers (CORDs) and deploying MPO cables with 12, but more and more, 24 fibers. When not properly tested, multifiber links can put the entire health of a network at risk. Without proper validation, CORD operators may end up having to pull the plug on critical lines at the same time for troubleshooting.


Key features

  • Fully automated, quick test process
  • Single solution to test MPO 12 and MPO 24 fiber cables
  • Same unit supports both multimode and singlemode
  • Cable stowing system supports APC, UPC, male (pinned) and female(unpinned) connectorsCustomizable pass/fail thresholds
  • Automatic PDF reporting
  • Compatible with Android™ devices


Download MPO Test Solution datasheet [PDF]



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