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B2900-60B SMU by Keysight

Keysight B2900 Series Precision Source Measure Units (SMU) are cost-effective source/measurement solutions offering superior performance and a best-in-class graphical user interface.

The Keysight B2900 series precision source measure units (SMUs) provide best-in-class performance for a modest price. They have broad voltage (210 V) and current (3 A DC and 10.5 A pulsed) sourcing capability, excellent precision (minimum 10 fA/100 nV sourcing and measuring resolution) and possess a superior color LCD graphical user interface. In addition, several task-based viewing modes dramatically improve productivity for test, debug and characterization.


The Keysight B2900B series consists of six models, the B2901BL, B2910BL, B2901B, B2902B, B2911B and B2912B, differentiated through their measurement specifications and by the number of SMU channels (one or two) they support. This makes it easy to select the exact price/performance point to meet your testing needs.

In addition, multiple instrument remote control options are available: BenchVue, B2900 Graphical Web Interface, B2900 Quick IV Measurement Software, and EasyEXPERT group+. These multiple software control options allow you to choose the solution that best fits your particular SMU application.

B2900B/BL Series Datasheet [PDF]

Download Datasheet (PDF)

B2961-62B6 - Low Noise Power Source

The Keysight B2961B/B2962B 6.5 Digit Low Noise Power Source is a new bench-top power supply/source with revolutionary capabilities and functions not previously available. Its unique features include bipolar current sourcing and sinking, a programmable output resistance feature, and a time-domain waveform viewer supported in the graphical user interface (GUI)

B2961B and B2962B Datasheet [PDF]

Download datasheet (PDF)


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