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Alliance Memory - New 8Gb High-Speed CMOS DDR4 SDRAMs

To meet the increasing demand for higher-density CMOS DDR4 SDRAMs, Alliance Memory on 17th September’2020 announced of expanding their portfolio with two new 8Gb devices. Delivering improved performance over previous-generation DDR3 SDRAMs, the AS4C1G8D4 and AS4C512M16D4 offer lower power consumption and faster data transfer rates in 78-ball and 96-ball FBGA packages.

The AS4C1G8D4 is organized as 1G x 8bit, while the AS4C512M16D4 has a 512M x 16bit organization with up to 16 memory banks. Both parts are offered in Commercial (0°C to +95°C) and Industrial (-40°C to +95°C) Operating Temperature Range options. Comparing to the DDR3 SDRAMs, the new 8Gb DDR4 SDRAMs reduce operating voltages from 1.65V to 1.20V to increase battery life in portable electronics.

Other features

  • Fast clock speeds of 1333 MHz
  • High transfer rates to 2666 Mbps/pin
  • Sequential and interleave burst types support
  • Auto pre-charge function
  • Auto- or self-refresh

Target application areas

  • Portable electronics; 5G designs
  • Desktop computers and servers
  • Other industrial, networking, IoT, automotive, gaming and consumer applications

Samples are available now, whereas production quantities are available with LT of 8 to 10 weeks.

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Download datasheet (PDF)