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100V-rated buck DC-DC converters by Silergy

Silergy Corp. presents a family of High-voltage DC-DC Step-down regulators with 100V(max) Input Voltage Rating.

The Silergy product portfolio includes a wide variety of power conversion and distribution products, especially switching DC-DC regulators for step-down, step-up and step-up/down applications with integrated switches utilizing industry-leading process technologies. Recently, Silergy extended their family of high-voltage buck DC-DC converters with two new products:

  • SY21252FCC
  • SY21253FCC

These products offer a maximum of 100V input voltage rating and are offered with 2A (SY21252FCC) or 3A (SY21253FCC) output current capability to address the demand for higher current. Switching frequency can be adjusted in a range of 100kHz -500kHz in accordance to customer preference. A PG output is available.
Discover the 100V Family by Silergy [PDF]


Main applications

  • Non-isolated telecommunication buck regulators;
  • Secondary HV post regulators;
  • PoE applications;
  • Other Industrial and Automotive applications.

Both parts available in a standard SO8E package with an exposed pad.

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Discover the 100V Family by Silergy (PDF)