Solving Coexistence for IoT Medical Devices (Part 2)

Solving Coexistence for IoT Medical Devices  | October 10, 2019

Wireless communications can be very challenging in locations with numerous IoT devices trying to share the airwaves. New products entering medical and other mission-critical spaces encounter operating conditions not covered by traditional test methods, and the devices may fail to achieve their design goals for timely communications. 

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This 2nd part of our 2-part webinar series will: 

  • Explain the problem of wireless coexistence and its causes 
  • Introduce the concepts of coexistence testing 
  • Give examples of how coexistence test is used to improve wireless product quality

Don't worry if you missed part 1, it's available on-demand! And no, part 2 doesn't require part 1, but they do make a nice set. Register for the live event and get signed up for part 1 on demand in the IoT Webinar Series.

Webinar Solving Coexistence for IoT Medical Devices (Part 2)