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Aim-TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) is the industry standard for high-quality, cost-effective laboratory power supplies. The comprehensive selection of power supplies is completed with a set of bench test and measurement instruments: Function and arbitrary generators, multimeters and basic radio-frequency units.

Whether you are working in research and development or education, reliable tools from TTi are the best choice for your job.


The origins of Thurlby Thandar instruments Ltd date from the late 1970s when two separate companies, Thurlby Electronics Ltd. and Thandar Electronics Ltd. were both designing and  manufacturing electronic test equipment. Through the 1980s, Thurlby specialized in bench power supplies, high resolution multimeters and digital storage units; whilst Thandar specialized in function generators, frequency counters and logic analysers. In 1989 the two companies were merged into a new organization - Thurlby Thandar Instruments Ltd. and located to larger premises in nearby Huntingdon, UK. Since that date the product ranges have been expanded and new products were added. To maintain the reliability and quality, all TTi products are manufactured in Europe. Today TTi is one of the foremost producers of laboratory power supplies and general purpose electronic test instruments in Europe.


Aim-TTi announces 4 channel power supply

Aim-TTi announces 4 channel power supply - The MX100Q differs from most other multi-output power supplies in offering full capabilities on all outputs.

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Aim-TTi presents new series of high performance AWG with up to 240MHz bandwidth

New series of high performance AWG with up to 240MHz bandwidth. Two identical full performance channels that can operate as independent generators or in coupled or tracking modes.

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Aim-TTi presents brand new TGF4000 Series
Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator with 40 to 240MHz models
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