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Pico Technology

Pico Technology is the market leader for PC-based oscilloscopes and data loggers which are a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to traditional desktop instruments. The Pico Technology is complemented with sampling oscilloscopes, pulse generators, vector network analyser, synthesizer, and all the necessary accessories.

With a focus on helping you to achieve what your tasks efficient and cost-effective, PICO is the solution for your next measurement.

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Pico Technology PicoScopes

As a mobile alternative to traditional bench top oscilloscopes, Pico serves you with a wide range of market leading PC-based oscilloscopes.

With the free PicoScope Software you also have access to high-end features. Serial decoding and mask limit testing are a good example how Pico Technology continuously adds new features to their software to assure your PicoScope keeps getting better.

Data loggers

Pico Technology Data Loggers

If you need a data logger, Pico Technology has a straightforward solution ready for you.

All data loggers require no additional power supply. Simply connect them over USB or Ethernet and start logging your data to your PC.

With the free PicoLog software you can easily set up all your Pico Technology loggers, configure them and log your data on a Windows, Linux or MacOS PC.

RF Products

Pico Technology RF Products

When it comes to radio frequency measurements, Pico Technology serves you with great USB instruments which are all small, fast and lightweight. Pulse Generators, sampling oscilloscopes, VNAs and a wide range of RF accessories are made for your measurements in your office or in the field.


Pico Technology Accessories

Besides high-quality USB instruments, Pico Technology provides a wide range of accessories. From scope probes, connectors, sensors, leads, and USB cables to power adaptors. Here you find anything you need to fully use your Pico Technology Instrument.


Discover the all new 4000A PC oscillosope series by PicoTech
The recently launched PicoScope 4000A Series of PC oscilloscopes is a second-generation upgrade and expansion of Pico's high-resolution, deep-memory product portfolio.
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Pico Technology introduces 8.5 GHz VNA

PicoVNAs professional USB-controlled, laboratory grade vector network instruments of unprecedented performance, portability and value for money. Discover the all new 8.5 GHz PicoVNA 108.

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Pico Technology extends range of PC-based Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology announced the further development of its PicoScope 6000E Series oscilloscopes with the launch of three new 4-channel models, each of which can be configured with 16 optional digital channels.

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Congratulations - PicoScope 5000D “Test Product of the Year”
PicoScope 5000D Series Wins Elektra 2018 “Test Product of the Year” award
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Pico Technology presents Picoscope 4444
With the PicoScope 4444 you have a four channel fully differential USB-Oscilloscope with an intelligent probe interface.
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Pico Technology - Focus on: PicoScope 3000 Series oscilloscopes
Pico Technology - Focus on: PicoScope 3000 Series oscilloscopes
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Pico Technology presents 1000 V CAT III mains voltage and current kit
The new kit contains a PicoScope 4444 oscilloscope kit and all the accessories you need to measure both voltage and current in up to three supply phases.
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Pico Technology presents New 5 GHz PicoScope 9404-05
The PicoScope 9404-05 is the first of its kind: a sampler-extended real-time oscilloscope (SXRTO).
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PicoVNA 6 GHz Vector Network Analyzer

Professional and portable performance at low cost
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New 8 GHz Agile Synthesizer! 

Professional and portable performance at low cost
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