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With more than 400 products, ITECH is your partner for power solutions. Whether you need a bench-top power-supplies, a battery test system or a high-power 3-phase electronic load, ITECH offers a reliable and cost effective solution for your demand.
ITECH sets its focus on your application and strives to create not only products, but solutions which serve your need to be efficient, save time and money.

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Power supplies

ITECH Power Supplies

The most important part of your measurement environment is the power supply which powers your device under test.

ITECH provides you a wide range of stable, reliable and feature packed sources, from bench-top to high power rack solutions.

Itech’s 3-phase AC-source systems are easily set up and capable of simulating various waveforms, frequencies and phase instabilities.



When it comes to electric loads, ITECH offers a broad selection. Starting with small precise DC loads over larger rack based AC or DC Loads up to 600kVA DC-Load Systems. All with a wide set of operating modes and protection functions.

Battery Tester

ITECH Battery Tester

Battery test solutions from ITECH are designed for a fast, precise and detailed measurement with up to 16 channels. From small Lithium cells to car batteries, there is a battery tester that fits your need.


IT6000B Regenerative Power System by ITECH
From the perspective of improving customer experience, ITECH launches a new incorporated product--IT6000B series. IT6000B integrates bidirectional power supply and regenerative electronic load into one 3U unit.
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New Battery Simulation Test Solution by ITECH
BSS2000 & BSS2000 Pro software combined with ITECH's latest high-performance bidirectional DC power supply can provide users with a wide range simulation solution covering low-power battery module to high-power power battery system simulation.
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New ITECH IT-M7700
ITECH newly-launched IT-M7700 High Performance Programmable AC Power Supply! 1U Half-Rack compact design and up to 3000 W power.
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IT8900A/E High Power DC Electronic Load
As Professional instrument manufacturer, ITECH has officially launched its IT8900A/E High Power DC Electronic Load at the end of June.
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IT5100 Series Battery Internal Resistance Tester
IT5100 Series Battery Internal Resistance Tester
New Adding High Voltage Model
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IT9121C/H Power Meter
ITECH Product Update | IT9121C/H Power Meter
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