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A Manufacturer of Electrical Measuring Instruments Supporting Technological Advancement

Electrical measuring instruments, known as the “mother tools” of industry, play an essential role in research and development, manufacturing, maintenance, and service. They also continue to contribute to social progress, mirroring developments in technology as their designers anticipate the changing needs of the times.

Supporting applications ranging from R&D to maintenance and service with four product groups

HIOKI electrical measuring instruments comprise four product groups: automatic test equipment, data recording equipment, electronic measuring instruments, and field measuring instruments. Collectively, these products are used in an extensive range of industries and fields, from research and development to facility and equipment maintenance and service.

HIOKI Portfolio

Data Recording Equipment

Development of transport-related equipment and monitoring to detect equipment malfunctions

For example, using electrical signal waveforms to analyze ride comfort in automobiles or elevators.

> Product Highlights and Datasheets for HIOKI Data Recording Equipment

Electronic Measuring Equipment

Testing of electronic components and evaluation of the quality of energy-saving equipment and power supplies

For example, checking the quality of electricity generated from alternative energy sources to ensure that it can be used safely by people in their daily lives.

> Product Highlights and Datasheets for HIOKI Electronic Measuring Equipment

Field Measuring Instruments

Maintenance and inspection of electrical work and equipment

Verifying equipment operating status and checking for malfunctions by measuring current levels safely and easily at sites such as power receiving and distribution facilities.

> Product Highlights and Datasheets for HIOKI Field Measuring Instruments

Phase Shift Correction: The key for Power Analysis of GaN or SiC switching devices

Improving power efficiency of motor drive systems for electric vehicles or DC-DC power supplies means a continuous increase of switching speeds in the inverters. At the same time the inductive behavior of current sensors always causes a phase shift between volt-age and current when measuring AC power at higher frequencies. Ignoring this can have a big effect on your measurement results. >Read more


HIOKI Launches Current Probe CT6710 and CT6711
HIOKI Launches Current Probe CT6710 and CT6711 - New Current Probes Deliver Broad Waveform Observation Capabilities Ranging From 30 A to Micro Currents.
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Hioki Memory HiCorder MR8740T
Hioki MR8740T Delivers 108 Channels of High-speed, Simultaneous Testing for Multi-point Circuit Boards and Advanced Control Devices.
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