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Silergy Corp. was founded by a group of technology innovators and business leaders from Silicon Valley with an average 30 years’ experience. We design innovative mixed-signal and analog ICs that utilize our industry-leading process technologies.
Widely used in industrial, consumer, computing and communication devices, our products are designed to improve efficiency and to conserve or measure energy use. We are committed to providing industry-leading performance at an affordable solution cost.


100V-rated buck DC-DC converters by Silergy
Silergy extended their portfolio of high-voltage buck DC-DC converters with two new products. These offer a high input voltage (up to 100v) and are equipped with a higher current capability.
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Silergy Ambient Light Sensors (ALS) - SY22304A and SY22309A

Silergy Ambient Light Sensors (ALS) are designed for light sensing control applications. New products are offering spectral response that is close to human eye, good output linearity, IR rejection and wide supply voltage operation.

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New Silergy ESD Products Selection Guide
Silergy Corporation released an updated ESD Products Selection Guide.
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