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Miromico is an innovative high-tech company, focussing on design services in the areas of integrated circuits, electronic systems and software. Their customers include international corporations such as IBM, Infineon, Roche and Credit Suisse, as well as SME’s.

Miromico's goal is to enable the technical realization of our customer’s visions. While their client defines and supervises the project, Miromico focuses on solving the technical challenges. Their experienced and motivated engineers with distinctions in the areas of electronics and software engineering enable customers to realize their projects reliably and on time.

Miromico has matured into a strong engineering company in the areas of

  • integrated circuit design, with a focus on analog and mixed signal CMOS circuits,
  • electronic systems, including hardware and firmware development, as well as
  • software engineering with a focus on embedded solutions.

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Miromico is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, founded in 2002 by the three electronics engineers Michael Oberle, Robert Reutemann and Michael Ruegg, reflected in the company name. 100% of the shares of the company are held by the governing board.

While initially focussing on the development of miniaturized electronic devices for biomedical applications, Miromico soon expanded to engineering services in the areas of integrated circuit design and electronic systems. The engineering team has been growing constantly in response to the demand by satisified customers.


New channel alliance for LoRa-WAN high-tech components

The Swiss specialists for engineering and IT, Miromico, and the well-known distribution house, Computer Controls, have agreed on a partnership for the sale and consulting of integrated circuits, electronic systems and Internet of Things products.

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