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You wake up, and your coffee maker serves up a hot latte. You go running, and your watch tells the doctor you’re taking care of your heart. Your car drives you to work, while you relax and read the news. That’s what’s possible in an integrated world.

And we’re making it possible. We value innovative ideas and provide opportunities to bring them to reality. With locations across the globe, we embrace diversity and strive to bring our people together. Connect with your colleagues and enjoy collaborating with top talent as we drive to create disruptive technologies—together.

Maxim Integrated develops innovative analog and mixed-signal products and technologies to make systems smaller and smarter, with enhanced security and increased energy efficiency.

We are empowering design innovation for our automotive, industrial, healthcare, mobile consumer, and cloud data center customers to deliver industry-leading solutions that help change the world.



Maxim and Trinamic Enable New Class of Motion Control Solutions
Maxim Integrated announced the acquisition of Trinamic, offering motion control solutions that translate digital information into physical motion.
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Why Your Designs Need Himalaya uSLIC™ Power Modules
Industrial designs are getting smarter. Enabling this intelligence requires more power — even as the designs continue shrinking in size.
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New Maxim MAX33012E
The MAX33012E is the first member of a +5V CAN Transceiver family with integrated protection for industrial applications. It has extended ±65V fault protection on the CAN bus.
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New Maxim MAXM17712/17720/17724
The MAXM17712/17720/17724 are new dual output regulators integrating a high-efficiency 150mA synchronous step-down DC-DC converter and a high PSRR, low noise, 50mA linear regulator into uSLIC™ power module.
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New Maxim MAX16158
The MAX16158 is a new member of MAX16140-MAX16159 family with of ultra-low-current single-channel supervisory ICs. It monitors a single system supply voltage and asserts a reset when this voltage falls below the reset threshold (400mV).
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New Maxim MAX22702E
The MAX22702E product is a member of MAX22700–MAX22702 family of single-chan¬nel isolated gate drivers with ultra-high common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of 300kV/μs (typ).
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New Maxim MAX15162

The MAX15162/MAX15162A devices are dual-channel circuit-breaker ICs. These devices integrate a dual-channel controller with dual 140mΩ  power MOSFETs and electronic circuit-breaker protection in a single package.

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New Maxim MAX15095
The MAX15095 family of devices represent an integrated solution for hot-swap applications requiring the safe insertion and removal of circuit line cards from a live backplane. They can also be used as electronics circuit breakers for hard drives, solid-state drives, and fans.
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New Maxim Integrated MAX49017
MAX49017 is a Dual, Precision Nanopower Automotive Comparator which is AEC-Q100 qualified - making it ideal for automotive applications like car battery monitoring systems, infotainment head units, ADAS modules etc.
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New Maxim Integrated MAX33012E
The MAX33012E is a first member of +5V CAN Transceiver family with integrated protection for industrial applications MAX33011E-MAX33015E.
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New Maxim MAX16152
New Maxim MAX16152 nanoPower Supervisor and Watchdog Timer
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New Maxim MAX20333
MAX20333 programmable current-limit switch featuring internal current limiting to prevent damage to host devices due to faulty load conditions.
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