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Mechanical Engineering

HT-Eurep d.o.o. as a member of the Computer Controls Group is the representative of Dassault Systemes in Croatia and Slovenia. We offer an integrated software solution to digitize the manufacturing process; construction, simulation and analysis and connectivity to the business system.

We provide a full range of support services for counseling and implementation, education and technical assistance. We perform design services, FEM analysis, reversible planning, NC programming, simulation, and post-processing. Our goal is to offer the most suitable industrial solutions to meet your needs and the most favorable conditions.

Mechanical Services

  • Electrical CAD Engineering
  • Mechanical CAD engineering (2D and 3D Design)
  • NC Machine programming and post processors
  • Simulation services (mechanical and thermal)
  • Implementation and Consulting services for PDM, PLM and ERP systems
  • Application programming (scripts and separate applications)



 Mechanical Engineering Automotive, Mechanical Services  Mechanical Engineering Shipbuilding, cad application  Mechanical Engineering Mold and tooling  Mechanical Engineering High-tech  Mechanical Engineering Energy
Automotive industry
3Ddesign and R&D
Shipbuilding industry
interior design or hull design (surfaces)
Mold and tooling industry
High tech industries
plastic molds and plastic parts
Energy industries
power transformers



Typical product development (electrical and mechanical):

  1. Electrical CAD Engineering
  2. Mechanical CAD engineering (2D and 3D Design)
  3. NC Machine programming and post processors
  4. Simulation services (mechanical and thermal)
  5. Implementation and Consulting services for PDM, PLM and ERP systems
  6. Application programming (scripts and separate applications)


1. ECAD Engineering, PCB design, and manufacturing documentation

Mechanical Engineering process 1 

Learn more about our ECAD services >


PCB Board needs a casing to protect it and give a nice look.

2. Mechanical design in CAD applications

Mechanical Engineering process 2

Engineering Design services consist of:

  • Completely new design services in R&D department: 3D Design
  • Creating technical drawings and manufacturing documentation: 2D Design
  • Reverse engineering of an old design: 3D Design

Technical documentation:

We offer services in creating non-technical documentation with direct CAD model sincronization:
  • Service manuals/videos
  • How to manuals
  • Assembly videos
  • Product configurator (online and offline)
  • Rendered images

3. Prototype or mass series production of the casing

Mechanical Engineering process 3

Manufacturing services could consist of:

  • 3D Design of the molds and tooling for the production and manufacturing
  • CNC code programming – path for the milling machine tool to produce a casing from aluminium billet; can be optimized (lower time of the milling process)
  • Development of Post processors – connector from the CAD application to the CNC machine (CNC stands for „Computer Numerical Control”)

Manufacturing services could consist of:

  • Kinematics analysis – how will the product move during use (if it has kinematics)
  • Machine and tool simulation (how will the machine execute the NC code or how will the tool move)

Prototypes are done from 3D printing or NC machined from aluminium billets.

Prototype manufacturing on machines

Mechanical Engineering Prototyping

Mass production is mostly done in plastic injection/iron casting /forging - needs molds and tooling.

Mechanical Engineering process

 4. Simulation services (thermal and mechanical)

Mechanical Engineering process 4
Our simulation services are done via the Abaqus simulation software.

Simulation services could consist of:

  • Mechanical simulation (frequency, static and dynamic tests, fatigue, thermal)
  • Drop test, pressure tests, force loading, low cycle fatigue, high cycle fatigue
  • Optimization of design (lower mass, lower stresses, higher fatigue cycles)

Advantage is CAD – FEM associative interface (fast changes in CAD lower development times).

5. Application development: Connecting systems

Mechanical Engineering process 5
Syncronization between CAD data and EPR data
  • Data can be inside CAD files or inside PDM/PLM systems (Data Management)
  • ERP handles the procurement, manufacturing (technology), warehouse etc.
  • Bill of Material (BOM) is critical for ordering parts and manufacturing
  • Master-slave relations, syncronization of data

6. Application development: Scripts and macros

Mechanical Engineering process 6

  • Automatization of tasks in CAD applications:
  • Creation of technical documentation and drawings
  • Bill Of Material creation
  • 3D Design parametrization
  • Sending information between applications (CAD/PDM to MS Office applications)
  • Automated reports, excel sheets, word documents
  • Simulations results automation

Application development: Connecting systems - ECAD to CAD

1. Collaboration between electrical schemes and mechanical wire harness

Create scheme in Altium

2. Import schemes (wires, components, connection info) in CATIA CAD software

Sync between Altium and CATIA Electrical 


3. Create wire harnesses in 3D space (get wire lengths and make breadboards)