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5G Service Providers

The new 5G standards and quality of experience (QoE) expectations from your subscribers start at the core of your mobile network. New capabilities require higher cell density. Balancing performance and cost is a critical consideration for new radio access network (RAN) equipment deployment. We can help you make the best decisions for network optimization and new RAN deployment.

The Path to 5G

5G capabilities unlock new business models, revenue streams, and provide service differentiation that can increase average revenue per user. Keysight can help optimize your network and minimize risks during your 5G deployment.


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Redefining 5G New Radio Drive Testing (White Paper)

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Five Challenges Facing Service Providers Evolving LTE to 4.9G (White Paper)

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NTT DOCOMO Gains a Go to Market Advantage in 5G with Flexible Channel Sounding (Case Study)

QoE Measurement and Optimization

Subscriber QoE is a key differentiator in the highly-competitive mobile network operator business segment. Your customers demand fast broadband connections, and they have no patience for dead zones or dropped calls.

Our drive-test and data-logging solutions enable real-world measurement of QoE metrics for 4G LTE services and applications your customers actually use: YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and Instagram. Pair this with our FieldFox RF and microwave analyzer and extend the drive test solution to measure cell coverage and beam tracking for new 5G standards.

Optimizing your network means evaluating dynamic network scenarios. You can measure real data in the field, emulate channel behavior, or a combination of both with our virtual drive test and channel emulation tools.

QoE Measurement and Optimization

Network Emulation for Device Acceptance Testing

Your subscribers rely on their devices, which is where their quality of experience begins and ends. Evaluate device compliance to regulatory emission standards, conformance to 3GPP standards, and your own acceptance tests with a lab-based network emulation solution.

Make sure your 5G Protocol R&D Toolset addresses diverse global spectrum requirements and efficiently prototypes advanced 5G protocol features, including beamforming at mmWave frequencies and non-standalone use cases.

Our 5G RF DVT Toolset measures RF performance and remote radio management (RRM) behavior with a high degree of parameterization and integrated test automation, providing you with feedback about both the RF and mmWave parametric performance of the radio, including beamforming measurements, but also the protocol-driven functionality of the radio.

Massive UE Emulation for Load Testing

Your mobile network is about to experience an unprecedented increase in traffic volume thanks to 5G. This increase will come in many forms so your network core needs to be ready. Massive amounts of bursty machine-type communication need to coexist peacefully with high-bandwidth human subscriber demands. Your RAN and core networks need to scale to handle these dual challenges.

Our massive user equipment (UE) emulation tests your RAN by creating realistic subscriber and application loads, security threats, and dynamic mobility scenarios to accurately predict real-world problems. Use massive UE emulation to stress test your 4G long term evolution (LTE) enhanced packet core (ePC) or 5G next-generation core (NGC) and determine how well your network can handle new services. Simulate applications running on thousands of concurrent devices, operating real-world voice and data sessions, to verify your network performance.

Massive UE Emulation for Load Testing
High-Speed Digital Core Transport and Switching

High-Speed Digital Core Transport and Switching

5G networks carry much more data than previous mobile technologies — Cisco predicts IP traffic will grow at a 24% CAGR from 2016 to 2021. Core transport networks, both long-haul and metro, as well as switching and routing devices need to support dramatically higher data rates to deliver the promise of 5G.

Your choice in core network speed matters for scaling. 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400G, 400GbE) technology delivers more efficient core network speeds through higher-order modulation formats and faster symbol rates, with ranges greater than 10 km over single-mode fiber and as short as chip-to-chip or chip-to-module with multi-lane electrical interfaces.

Datacenters require PAM-4 modulation with both continuous time-linear equalization (CTLE) and decision feedback equalization (DFE). Metro and long-haul optical links need even higher modulation such as 16 QAM or even 64 QAM. The characterization and compliance testing needed to ensure error-free communications in optical transceivers is significant. Make sure your test solutions both cover and simplify your compliance testing.

Monitoring and Securing Your Mobile Network

Your mobile network is a core component of your differentiated value proposition. Understanding your network traffic flow is key to optimizing performance and delivering the best possible quality of experience to your subscribers. Mobile network monitoring needs a visibility architecture that eliminates network blind spots and provides key insights into your network performance.

Make sure your mobile network allows you to see traffic bottlenecks, easily troubleshoot slow applications, monitor mobile subscribers on the move, and clearly identify whether you are under attack or dealing with an 8th-grade class all streaming Netflix and YouTube.

Monitoring and Securing Your Mobile Network

Verizon selects Keysight for its new testing facility

Verizon’s 5G testing facility uses Keysight’s over-the-air (OTA) testing solutions in a race to become first to launch a 5G fixed-wireless broadband solution in the United States.

The Compact Antenna Test Range Chamber is the most complete end-to-end far-field OTA test solution for 5G antenna, parametric, and signal testing of mmWave devices. It is compatible with Keysight's 5G test instrumentation, incorporating a transceiver, UXM Wireless Test Set, signal analyzers, signal sources, and network analyzers. The flexible solution offers a wide frequency range (15-80 GHz) and a small footprint.

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