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Electronics Engineering

Electronics and telecommunication engineering

If done right, electrical engineering services can provide you with the following advantages (among others):

1. Less stress and higher efficiency
2. Better allocation of the workforce, the budget, and the resources
3. Better projects monitoring with more defined, sharper outcomes and deadline

Tools and services our designing team is providing:

PCB design at electronics and computer engineering

Altium Designer us an unified electronics design environment, with all the design tools in one software application.

It includes schematic capture, PCB layout, and routing tools, signal integrity analysis, embedded software tools dedicated for FPGA applications, ECAD/MCAD integration tools, library, and design data management, output data generation - CAM files.

Altium Designer 18, using for electronics and telecommunication engineering

PCB Testing for electronics and computer engineering

BOM management, consultation, project management, and testing solutions to get the best performance.


BOM Management Ciiva, electronics and computer engineering

Security in electronics engineering

It is key to understand that nowadays no device can be completely secure. Therefore, increasing security measures in modern devices, like IoT devices, is more important than ever.

Traditionally the industry has relied heavily on software-based cybersecurity measures, in today’s wired world engineers are beginning to find ways of implementing hardware security into their designs for an extra layer of protection from hackers and reverse engineering.

EE Security in electronics engineering

Testing and measuring

An electronic test equipment is used to capture and display signals from electronic devices under test (DUTs) in order to ensure their proper operation. The use of testing and measurement tools is quintessential for any electronics application.

Practical electronics and computer engineering and assembly requires the use of different kinds of electronic test equipment.

Testing and measuring, electronics and computer engineering, electronics and communication engineering
NB-IoT board, electronics and computer engineering

Our services

We are offering electronics engineering services, from idea to working prototype:

  • Design review
  • Support, Consulting
  • Hardware design
  • Complex measurement systems

Our focus areas are Embedded Systems, IoT, and Power Electronics.

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