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The first Wi-Fi module designed for IoT

Silicon Labs has recently announced a new Wi-Fi portfolio which can be used to develop low-power devices such as IP security cameras, PoS terminals, or even medical devices.

This time, as the low power consumption come more to the front, the new module supports the 2.4 GHz 802.11b / g / n Wi-Fi standard.

Researches show that the market for Wi-Fi-enabled devices will at least double within five years, and Silicon Labs responded to this need when it began to focus more heavily on IoT-compatible Wi-Fi gadgets.

Developers will benefit not only from the lower consumption: the WFM200 tool is the world's smallest standard SiP (system-in-package) module.

Silicon Labs, as usual, provides the developer tools as well as the Starter Kit with embedded and Linux host drivers to make the developer's life easier.

SiliconLabs WFM200 Wi-Fi Module

Core features:

  • Exceptionally low transmit (TX: 138 mA) and receive (RX: 48 mA) power
  • 200 µA average Wi-Fi power consumption (DTIM = 3) contributing to ultra-low system power
  • Superior link budget of 115 dBm for long-range Wi-Fi transmissions
  • Small-footprint 4 mm x 4 mm QFN32 transceiver and 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm LGA52 SiP module, ideal for space-constrained applications
  • Excellent antenna diversity and wireless coexistence in crowded 2.4 GHz environments
  • Advanced security technology: secure boot and host interface, hardware cryptography acceleration supporting AES, PKE and TRNG
"We've delivered the first low-power Wi-Fi portfolio designed specifically for the IoT, enabling breakthroughs in secure, battery-powered connected device designs that simply weren't possible until now," said Daniel Cooley, Senior Vice President and General Manager of IoT products at Silicon Labs.
"It's no surprise we're seeing strong customer demand for Wi-Fi technology that fits within the tight power and space budgets of battery-operated devices, freeing end users from the need to connect to ac power sources." 

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