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SiLabs presents Next-Generation Wireless Gecko
Drives Scalability for the IoT

Wireless Gecko Series 2

Silicon Labs new wireless platform is designed to make IoT products more powerful, efficient and secure. IoT designers routinely face product design tradeoffs around wireless range, power consumption, size, security and cost. The Series 2 wireless connectivity platform simplifies IoT product design with highly-integrated SoC options and reusable software to make RF communication more dependable and energy efficient. Series 2 helps designers optimize system cost and performance for a wide range of smart home, smart city, commercial and industrial IoT applications. The initial Series 2 products include small-form-factor system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices with a dedicated security core and an on-chip radio delivering 2.5X the wireless range of competing solutions. Supporting Zigbee®, Thread, Bluetooth® LE, Bluetooth mesh and dynamic multiprotocol, these SoCs provide unmatched system design advantages and are ideal for
line-powered IoT products including gateways, hubs, lights, smart speakers and electric meters.


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