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New SiLabs Optical Sensor Si1151-AB00-GM

Optical Sensor Si1151-AB00-GM

Si1151-AB00-GM contains the following:

  • IR Proximity sensor
  • Long range
  • Low power
  • High sensitivity with a various amount of LED drivers in a 2x2 DFN 10 pin package

Key benefits

  • Module simplifies optics and eliminates need for on board blocking/lensing
  • Module has matched LED and Filter for optimum performance in sunlight
  • Can add additional external LEDs for gesture applications
  • No need for additional blocking
  • Up to 3 LED drivers and up to 360mA drive through each
  • Module version occupies 1 leaving 2 for external use
  • Packaged as integrated module with LED, or as a standalone sensor
  • Long range capabilities up to 2 meters
  • Dual ADCs / Dark current cancellation



  • Host commands an IR or ALS reading and reads the resulting value
  • Can be configured to generate an interrupt after reading to free the host
  • Typically 155us for a conversion


  • Si115x will update the ALS and IR registers automatically at a frequency selected by the ho
    Can also be set to generate an interrupt based 3 factors
    • Any measurement
    • Any measurement above OR below a set threshold
    • Any measurement that leaves a specific threshold “window”


  • Flexibility for the host and specific modes based on power to performance ratio required as well as application


Download presentation Si115x [PDF]

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