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MAXREFDES1214 – Portable 1.5A USB Charger with Micro-USB and Standard USB-A Output

This Reference Design is a a portable USB charger that uses a lithium-ion (Li+) battery to charge a USB device from a USB Standard-A connector. The battery can be charged through Micro-USB. The MAXREFDES1214 is compliant with USB Battery Charger (BC) revision 1.2 on both USB ports. It has dynamic charger detection to automatically set the maximum charge current allowed to the battery based on the source’s capability. It also features a USB adapter emulator that supports Apple® 1A charging in addition to devices that are compliant with USB BC 1.2. For added flexibility, an I2C bus provides fault monitoring and shutdown capability for the buck-boost regulator.


Click to Download datasheet of MAXREFDES1214 [PDF]

MAXREFDES1085 – Miniature 24W DC-DC Flyback Converter

This Reference Design is a miniature, 24V output, isolated power supply that can deliver up to 1A of load current. The design uses the MAX17596 peak-current-mode controller in discontinuous-conduction mode (DCM) flyback topology running at 125kHz. The input voltage range of the MAX17596 is 4.5V to 36V. Extra bias winding from the transformer is used to power the controller, allowing the input operating voltage to go up to 60V for this design. Galvanic isolation strength between input and output is 1,5kV RMS provided by transformer and optocoupler used in a design. User guide discusses a step-by-step procedure to implement this reference design and presents design equations for the calculation of all the design parameters. These equations show how to calculate the component values to allow users to modify this design for their applications.


Click to Download datasheet of MAXREFDES1085 [PDF]

MAXREFDES1160 – Full-Duplex Isolated RS-485 Module

The MAXREFDES1160 demonstrates how to build 5V-supplied full-duplex isolated RS-485 application using low-cost transformer to provide isolated power with 2.75kV RMS isolation strength. It is based on MAX14853 product by Maxim Integrated that has integrated 450 kHz transformed driver to drive external transformer. Power to cable-side of MAX14853 is provided via internal LDO.


Following features are available as implemented in MAX14853 IC:

  • Receiver is ¼ load – up to 128 transceivers could be used
  • Fail-safe circuitry – ensures a logic-high on receiver output when input is shorted or open
  • Undervoltage lockout – disables driver when cable-side or UART-side power supply is below level
  • ±35kV ESD protection of driver outputs and received inputs


Click to Download datasheet of MAXREFDES1160 [PDF]

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