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MAX30208: ±0.1°C Accurate, I2C Digital Temperature Sensor

The low-power, high-accuracy digital temperature sensor offering ±0.1°C accuracy from +30°C to +50°C and ±0.15°C accuracy from 0°C to +70°C. It operates from 1.7V to 3.6V supply voltage and has a 16-bit resolution (0.005°C).

Its key application areas are:

  • Wearable body temperature monitors,
  • Medical thermometers,
  • IoT sensors.

The MAX30208 uses a standard I2C serial interface and offers two additional GPIO pins – one could be configured to trigger a temperature conversion, another – for generating an interrupt for selectable status bits.

Besides, the sensor includes a 32-word FIFI for the temperature data and high/low threshold digital temperature alarms.

Low power consumption parameters:

  • 67uA Iq during measurement,
  • 0.5uA standby current,
  • 15ms integration time.

As an evaluation platform for the MAX30208 product, Maxim Integrated offers the MAX30208EVSYS# Evaluation Kit.


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