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MAX20092 - 12-Switch Matrix Manager for Automotive Lighting

The MAX20092 12-switch matrix manager IC for automotive lighting applications includes a 12-switch array for bypassing individual LEDs in a single- or dual-string application. It features 12 individually controlled n-channel MOSFET switches rated for 10V with on-resistance of 0.100Ω.

MAX20092: Simplified Block Diagram


Key Features:

  • Automotive Ready: AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • Flexible Configuration Allows the Use of the Same Device in Different Applications
  • Single-, Dual-, and Quad-String Configurations
  • Up to 12 Switches in Series in Single-String Configurations
  • Up to 6 Switches in Series in Dual-String Configurations
  • Up to 3 Switches in Series in Quad-String Configurations
  • Up to 2 LEDs per Switch
  • Programmable 12-Bit PWM Dimming
  • Fade Transition Between PWM Dimming States
  • Internal Clock Generator or External Clock for PWM Dimming


  • Automotive Front-Light Systems
  • Automotive Matrix-Lighting Systems
  • Automotive Tail-Light Systems

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