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GW-INSTEK - New Built-in Medical and Automotive Application Output Waveforms for AFG-3021/22/31/32 and MFG-2000

Great news!!
As of today, you can download and update the firmware of AFG-3021/22/31/32 and MFG-2000 to the latest versions from the official website of GW Instek. The arbitrary waveform function augments the waveforms commonly used in the "medical" and "automotive" industries. The introduction of the new "Medical" and "Automotive Electronics" waveforms is as follows:

1. Commonly used medical application waveforms
Complex human physiological signals have important research significance and biomedical engineering application value, among them, surface electromyography signals are more widely used in human-machine fusion, intelligent prosthetics, exercise rehabilitation robots, diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular system diseases, smart home, virtual reality feedback as well as gaming entertainment, etc.  In order to meet the requirements of medical-related research and testing, we have included Cardiac signal, Electroencephalogram, Electromyogram, Pulsesilogram, and Electrocardiogram, etc in the arbitrary waveform function to provide the diversemedical application waveforms.

2. Provide commonly used automotive electronic waveforms:
Today's automobiles have integrated a large number of IT devices, such as vehicle GPS, driving computers, andautomotive digital TVs, etc.. Therefore, all electronic devices used in automobiles will encounter EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) conduction transient testing, as well as environmental testing for electrical loadtesting. Both two tests must meet the regulations to ensure that multiple electronic devices operating together will not affect driving safety. In order to meet the test requirements, we have included some related waveforms that are commonly used in accordance with ISO16750 road vehicles - electrical conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment and ISO7637 road vehicles - electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling. Collocating with suitable amplifiers, users can apply various types of automotive electronic output waveforms.

Download brochure AFG-3000 series [PDF]
Download brochure MFG-2000 series [PDF]


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