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GW-INSTEK - The new
One Box Tester C-1200

Comprehensive LoRa

C-1200 is an One Box Tester that incorporates LoRa Tx and Rx tests. It provides spectrum analysis, time domain, FEI(Frequency  
Error  Indicator), and TOA (Time On Air)  for transmitter tests, and sensitivity, BER (Bit Error Rate) andPER (Packet Error Rate)
for receiver tests. In addition toSub-GHz, C-1200 also supports the 2.4 GHz bandwidth and the FSK signal test.
Users can also edit the transmitted payload by themselves. When receiving data, the formats include binary, HEX, and ASCII code,
which allow data transmission results to be easily confirmed. In addition to the signaling test of the finished product,
C-1201 is a transfer box connecting C-1200 to LoRa module that directly controls the DUT to perform non-signaling tests
on semi-finished products through UART/SPI/I2C interfaces.

Main Features:

  • 4 half duplex TRX Ports (switching Type)
  • Support LoRa/FSK modulation signals
  • Support Sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz
  • Complete PC Software and built-in MP Test function
  • Built-in FCC 15.209/15.247 test regulations
  • Built-in temperature control calibration signal
  • Support SPI, UART, I2C interfaces to directly control DUT (Must collocate with IO Extension, C-1201)
  • Simultaneously test DUT’s current consumption (Must collocate with PPH-1503 DC power supply)


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