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GW-INSTEK - New Product Announcement - PEL-3000H Series Programmable DC Electronic Load

The PEL-3000H series, a single-channel, programmable D.C. electronic load with 800V and 0.84A/μs current Slew Rate, is ideal for the test of the high voltage devices such as the EV & HEV in-vehicle chargers, DC/DC converters or high-voltage batteries.

With respect to battery testing applications such as rechargeable batteries for electrical tools, battery module and automobile battery, PEL-3000H has three stand-alone models to offer including 175W, 350W and 1050W. By connecting Booster (2100W) units with master units, the maximum load capacity of those models can reach 9,450W. Hence, the PEL-3000H series fulfils various power testing requirements including medium to low-power or high-power power supply. The PEL-3000H series has seven operating modes and three operating functions. Among the seven operating modes, four of them are basic operating modes, including constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, and constant power, and the other three are advanced operating modes including constant current + constant voltage, constant resistance + constant voltage, and constant power + constant voltage. Users must first select operating mode and then operating function based upon the test requirements. Static, Dynamic and Sequence operating functions can be applied to different testing conditions including a fixed load level, switching between two levels or switching among more than two levels. Sequence function is divided into Fast Sequence and Normal Sequence according to the test time of each step. Both Dynamicand Sequence are to assist users to simulate the genuine load change. For instance, PEL-3000H can simulate HEV current consumption to make sure that automobile battery can supply HEV with enough power need on the road. By so doing, manufacturers can elevate product quality and reliability.

Download datasheet of PEL-3000 Series [PDF]

 PEL-3000H Series




PEL-3021H (CE) 175W  Single Unit/20KG
PEL-3041H (CE) 350W Single Unit/23KG
PEL-3111H (CE)


Single Unit/21KG
PEL-3211H (CE) 2100W / Booster Single Unit/50KG
PEL-3212H (CE)


Rack Mount / 68KG
PEL-3323H (CE) 3150W Rack Mount / 86KG 
PEL-3424H (CE) 4200W Rack Mount / 110KG
PEL-3535H (CE) 5250W Rack Mount / 128KG
PEL-3322H (CE) 3150W Rack Mount / 73KG
PEL-3533H (CE) 5250W Rack Mount / 97KG
PEL-3744H (CE) 7350W Rack Mount / 125KG
PEL-3955H (CE) 9450W Rack Mount / 149KG

 PEL-3000 Series



PEL-3021 (CE) 175W  Single Unit/20KG
PEL-3041 (CE) 350W Single Unit/23KG
PEL-3111 (CE)


Single Unit/21KG
PEL-3211 (CE) 2100W / Booster 1/CTN/28KG ; 1/WOOD/50KG

PEL-3000 Rack Mounting System



PEL-3212 (CE) 2100W Rack Mount / 68KG
PEL-3323 (CE) 3150W Rack Mount / 86KG
PEL-3424 (CE)


Rack Mount / 110KG
PEL-3535 (CE) 5250W Rack Mount / 128KG
PEL-3322 (CE) 3150W Rack Mount / 73KG
PEL-3533 (CE) 5250W Rack Mount / 97KG
PEL-3744 (CE) 7350W Rack Mount / 125KG
PEL-3955 (CE) 9450W Rack Mount / 149KG

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