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The first truly concurrent multiprotocol solution is coming

The first truly concurrent multiprotocol solution is coming

Wirepas, a leading provider of mesh software solutions, and Silicon Labs have joined forces to deliver a combined hardware and software solution. 

They have created an industry first: a truly concurrent multiprotocol switching solution with one ERF32 Wireless Gecko radio. 

Their solution provides the advantage of Wirepas Mesh software including network scalability, reliability and ease of implementation, along with the RF performance and multiprotocol connectivity of EFR32 SoCs. The combined solution leverages the Wirepas Mesh networking stack and Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth® software Micrium OS and RAIL radio interface layer software to manage concurrent Bluetooth and Wirepas Mesh connectivity on a single EFR32 SoC.

Bluetooth is an ideal protocol for controlling lighting systems and indoor navigation through easy-to-use smartphone apps to enhance user satisfaction. Using smartphones, it also enables simple device provisioning without requiring custom hardware, thereby easing the installation and commissioning process.

Wirepas Mesh software serves as the backbone for large-scale IoT networks while Bluetooth provides a ubiquitous, point-to-point user interface. The protocol combination also meets the growing demand in the retail, commercial, and hospitality markets for connected lighting solutions.

General availability of standalone Wirepas Mesh software on EFR32 Wireless Gecko SoCs is planned in Q2 2018.

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