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Aim-TTi is a world leader in waveform generation with products ranging from basic analog function generators through to advanced multi-channel arbitrary generators covering frequencies up to 240 MHz. To compelemt the bench product portfolio, TTi has been designing and manufacturing precision multimeters for over thirty years.

Expertise in precision analog design has enabled the company to offer high performance products with advanced features at attractive prices.

Pulse Generators

Analog 10MHz pulse generator TG110.  Digital 25MHz & 50MHz pulse generators TGP3100 Series with single and dual channel.

Function Generators

Function generator series TG1000, TG2000, TGF3000 and TGF4000, with and without arbitrary capability at frequencies up to 240MHz.

Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Arbitrary waveform software, universal waveform generators (arbitrary/function/pulse) with up to four channels, and up to 40MHz (TGA1200 Series) or up to two channels and 240 MHz (TGF4000 Series).

1908(P) Digital Multimeter

Precision 5½ digit bench multimeter incorporating dual displays and dual measurement technology. With USB and optional RS232, LXI/LAN and GPIB interfaces. (Download PDF)

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