Pico Technology


Passive oscilloscope probes

Passive probes from 60MHz to 9GHz and probe accessories

Active oscilloscope probes

Active Probes, single ended up to 2.5 GHz and differential up to 7000V

RF and microwave test accessories

Gigabit Probes up to 9GHz, accessories to 18GHz (Connectors, adaptors, filters, cables)

Current probes (clamps)

4mm and BNC connection current probes up to 2000A DC and 3000A AC current


Accelerometers, K- and T-type thermocouples, PT100 and DrDAQ sensors

BNC terminators and leads

BNC terminators, attenuators, leads and adaptors

Clips, leads and 4mm probes

Clips, leads and 4mm test accessories

Calibration services

Calibration Certificates and calibration data


Power adaptors, protective and carry cases, USB-cables and more

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