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SECO is an Italian industrial group with a strong international presence that operates in the sector of high technology in the miniaturization of computers and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Founded in 1979, SECO, which employs more than 300 people with revenues of more than €54 million, designs and produces in-house embedded systems and IoT solutions: from the single microcomputer to integrated and “ready-to-use” systems. SECO operates on a global scale thanks to its offices in Italy, Germany, the U.S., India and Taiwan and to its own distribution network.

The company offers its customers a complete range of products and services with specific expertise in numerous industrial sectors.

Product families

Qseven Modules


One of most compact, highly integrated cost efficient Computer-on-Module on the embedded market.

Based on ARM and x86 CPUs, it uses a single type of standard interface connector for all types of Qseven® boards.



SMARC ("Smart Mobility ARChitecture") is a versatile, small, form factor computer module definition targeting applications that are power-efficient, low-cost, and high-performing. The modules typically use ARM SOCs similar or identical to those used in many familiar devices such as tablet computers and smart phones. 

COM Express™

COM Express

A highly integrated and compact PC board that can be used in a various applications.

Based on high-performance modern ARM and x86 CPUs it has a lot of standard features and uses a standard interface.



ETX® (Embedded Technology eXtended) architecture is based on two elements: the ETX® CPU Module and the ETX® Baseboard.
The ETX® CPU modules have a compact size (95 x 114 mm) and four standard high-density connectors through which the ISA bus, PCI bus and the most common I/O signals in a PC are conveyed to the ETX® Baseboard. 


Embedded NUC

 This new standard for SBCs offers industrial-grade characteristics, long-term support, and more efficient heat dissipation solutions. Embedded NUC™ establishes a new industrial standard for small form-factor PCs for industrial applications, in an extremely slim format (roughly 3.9 x 3.9 inches). 

Single-Board Computer


Single-board computers (SBCs) are computers built on a single circuit board. They are designed as stand-alone solutions in the sense that they provide all the tools required for rapid prototyping, including memory, one or more data storage peripherals, processing power, and input/output interfaces (so-called “I/Os”), without the need for the user to retrieve additional modules



When it comes to today's “smart factory,” next-generation HMI systems can simplify a variety of business processes, with a resulting competitive advantage in terms of productivity and efficiency. With the gradual affirmation of the Industrial IoT, HMI devices become excellent candidates for managing large amounts of data to be made available via cloud. 

Boxed Solutions

Boxed Solutions

SECO developed its boxed solutions and industrial IoT gateway solutions to fully satisfy the flexibility and security demands of modern IoT designs, making it easier to use the cloud to collect smart data from the real world for a wide variety of IoT applications.

Custom Solutions

The expertise accumulated over 40 years in the market and the broad network of partnerships with leading tech sector companies, universities, research centres and innovative start-ups around the world allow SECO to provide customers with solutions and services that are always on the cutting edge of technology, particularly with solutions based on x86, ARM and FPGA architectures

The services that revolve around hardware and software customisation have historically been among the elements that have made SECO stand out. From design revision, which implies an accurate process of analysis and testing, to support in the personalisation of standard single-board computers, design of carrier boards for specific modular platforms and BIOS customisation, to the creation of tailor-made solutions for specific needs: in every phase of the project, SECO offers a high level of product personalisation and supports the customer in choosing the best technological solutions available in the market to optimize performance, cost and services that give the greatest added value.


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