Electronic Engineering
PCB Design
Nowadays there is almost no electronic device that doesn't contain at least the simplest PCB. Trends and technologies are rapidly changing and so do the challenges engineers are facing. We are embracing these challenges and providing all the tools, services, and free guidance materials that are needed for your business to GROW. By delivering all the tools and knowledge, we are fortifying the success of your next product.

Our unique values


Thanks to our strong network of vendors, partners and universities we are able to keep abreast of new trends and demands.


Altium Designer is one of the world's most popular PCB design tools. After many years of relationship with Altium, we can support you to fully utilize the benefits of the software and its extensions. Besides, we are offering engineering services and training courses.


Thanks to good partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers and our strong supplier network, we can offer you components you may not access as an end customer. 


Our services

We are offering engineering services, from idea to working prototype:

  • Design review
  • Support, Consulting
  • Hardware design
  • Complex measurement systems

Our focus areas are Embedded Systems, IoT, and Power Electronics.

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NB-IoT board